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We are a community of practioners in who build meaningful, purpose-driven and happy organisations.

We believe business can be better...

We believe in a world where businesses are about more than just profit.

Where businesses and people have a clear purpose.

Where we connect and care for each other.

Where we collaborate rather than compete.

Where at times decisions do NOT make business sense.

Where we all grow and profit.


The facts

86% of C suite executives and 84% of all managers and employees say culture is critical to their organisations’ success. 60% see it as a bigger success factor than either their strategy or their operating model.


64% of people globally expect CEOs to lead on social change rather than waiting for government intervention. And a significant 84% expect CEOs to influence policy debates on social issues.

Globally, 67% of people agree that it has become more important that the brands they choose make a positive contribution to society, beyond just providing a good service or product. This is the majority view in virtually all countries surveyed.

The world needs more meaningful connections that will positively impact culture, behavior and ultimately the lives of people.


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Join a growing group of passionate professionals and together shape a better world...

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Join a growing group of passionate professionals and together shape a better world...

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