A guide in life even when you are on a limited budget

We connect you with a professional coach. So that you find your path towards a happier life.


We all have a need to connect...

The Coach4All program aims to bring that human connection to people who need it most.

At Happiness Dojo we are acutely aware that loneliness and mental health issues are on the rise around the world. If COVID-19 and the subsequent global pandemic have shown us anything, it is that we all need to connect as human beings.

A professional coach
can support you to...

Navigate your career

Learn how to overcome career challenges, find the job that's perfect for you, ace interviews or build the confidence that's needed in your role. Whatever it is, a coach can support you in your career journey.

Handle challenging relationships

Whether you find it challenging to discuss finances with your partner or set boundaries with your teenage child, relationships can be a challenge to navigate. A coach can help you become aware of your behaviours, offer new perspectives and help you successfully navigate challenging relationship obstacles.

Overcome fears

Fear of public speaking or perhaps afraid of standing up for yourself? Fears are often irrational and yet hold us back more than we would wish. With a coach on your side you have the trust and accountability you need to overcome your fears.

Build confidence

You know confident people own the world, but what would it take for you to be confident? Allow a coach to be your partner in becoming a steadfast and confident individual.

Pay-as-you-wish Coaching!? Is this for real?

Yes it is! During the pandemic the idea rose that everyone should be able to have access to a coach, someone that's there for them along the way, challenges them when needed and holds their hand when things get shaky. Unfortunately in today's world few people truly listen and to find someone to stick with you in today's cancel culture is more challenging than ever before.

Coaches are in the unique position to help people understand themselves better and take charge in their journey of life. Unfortunately coaching fees can be a step too far for many potential clients, coaching is often only for those in senior position or with great running businesses. If you're unemployed or at the start of your career, a good coach is often out of reach.

Happiness Dojo matches professional coaches to people who could really benefit from coaching. Professional coaches offer part of their busy weeks to coach one or more individuals.

Coaching clients can pay as little as NOTHING or whatever they can afford to pay. The benefit of paying a fee is getting the extra drive and motivation to make a change in your life and we totally understand that some people are not in the position to pay anything. That's why we leave the system open for you to pay an amount that's comfortable to you.

Who is eligible?

Our objective is to make coaching available to anyone who would usually not be able to access a coach. We understand there are many ways one could be eligible for coaching. Since we do have limited resources we will have to prioritise.

Here are a few groups of people we would consider to be eligible. You are welcome to follow the process as outlined below, even when you do not exactly fit these criteria.

We prioritise participants on their...

We DO NOT judge applicants by their physical appearance, background, social status or beliefs.

How you can get a coach...

Click the button below and submit your application form

Introduce yourself to us by providing a few basic details about yourself. This will help us understand if you are eligible for a coaching track.


Record and submit a video motivation

Record a "why" video of yourself where you motivate why you should be the one to get accepted for a coaching journey. Remember our coaches make time and energy available for you free of charge, so make sure you build a good case to be selected. Click here to read our guidelines and increase your chance of success.


Speak to a professional

We will carefully assess all submissions and decide if and how we can help you. We will let you know within 5 working days if your submission has been accepted or not. We will then schedule a conversation with your coach where both of you can decide if coaching is right for you and if you and your coach are a good match.



Once accepted you will proceed with the sign up process. You decide the fees you are comfortable with and sign a coaching contract that will formal start of your coaching journey.


Start your Coaching Journey

Yes, you've been accepted! It's time to start your coaching journey. For 3 months or 6 sessions you will work together with your coach towards your dreams and goals.


Who are the coaches?

This initiative was started by two coaches Maarten van Rijn (Malaysia) and Mike Loh (Singapore). Both Mike and Maarten dream that one day coaching will be available to everyone who's ready for it.

All coaches who have since joined the program are certified coaches. They offer their time and energy to individuals either because they need extra time to practice or they have extra time in their schedule to help people who can often not afford it.

If you are a coach and want to be part of this initiative feel free to reach out to us here.

Mike Loh

Mike brings along 20 years of senior management experience in the public and corporate sectors. His coaching and facilitation style blends his personal experience as a former executive with global experience as a coach and consultant. His expertise includes organisational change, leadership development, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, business development, team development and negotiations. Mike helps people make decisions and take actions for progress, in their lives, in their businesses, in the world.

Donal Crotty

Donal is a heart-centered life and executive coach who has a direct and sometimes confrontational approach to coaching based on self-awareness.

Donal is passionate about people, their well-being, challenges and possibilities. His philosophy is about living one’s values with a clarity of purpose, objective and outcome.

Donal is an Irish native and lived in 10 countries. He brings along over 30 years of experience as executive leader, services consultant and coach in large
international organizations.
Besides coaching, Donal is also
a voice actor for corporate video voice-overs and he expresses his passion for baking on the weekends.

Maarten van Rijn (CPCC)

Maarten switched from his corporate job in consulting to being a coach in 2014.

His coaching training showed him in a profound way how impactful coaching can be. Maarten works with ambitious and committed people who want to create a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

He calls these people
life explorers. Maarten is passionate about guiding and inspiring them through the process of getting clear about their purpose, vision and goals to achieve freedom, meaning and happiness.

What we believe in...

Do you need more information?
No problem! Ask us anything

Yes, our coaching programs can cost anything from USD 0 to whatever you can afford. However, we do recognise the importance of having some form of energy exchange in return for the coaching program. Having some ‘skin’ in the game often helps propel the coaching sessions forward. We will discuss this with you in your first session.


Yes, you can! If you’re looking to dedicate some of your time to people who do not have the financial means to get coached we’d love to hear from you. Click here to find out what we’re looking for and how to apply.


The topics of your coaching are totally up to you and if you. 

For the best impact we do recommend that you pick a topic that carries some weight as the results will be greater when you are able to speak about what you care for most. If you do have a specific situation or challenge in mind it’s best to prepared with your situation and or question. A great way to start is “How do I…?”


Happiness Dojo is a brand by Universe in You Sdn. Bhd. A Malaysia based organisation that helps individuals on their journey towards finding freedom, meaning and happiness in their lives.

Maarten van Rijn the CEO and founder of Universe in You Sdn. Bhd. has been a coach since 2014 and has personally experienced what it feels like to have someone on your side who sees your potential and is willing to walk the journey with you.

You can find out more about Happiness Dojo on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Every professional who is attached to Happiness Dojo has agreed with the coaching terms we provide, these terms are based on the coaching terms of with us has signed a confidentiality agreement.


We always appreciate more hands as we grow.  The best way for you to help us right now is to spread the word, speak about us and share our page with people you feel might benefit from coaching.


Yes! This service is for anyone who feels they need to speak to someone. We know how challenging it can be in today’s world to speak to someone who just listens and we want to be here for you, no matter your background, your status in life or your bank account.

If you are in an emergency situation this is likely NOT the best place for you. Are you thinking of taking your own life? Please contact the suicide helpline in your country where trained professionals will be able to help you out further.


All our professionals are trained and certified coaches. They have been selected based on their qualifications as a coach.


We realise that whenever something is offered for ‘free’ or for a very small fee there’s an invitation for anyone to respond and potentially put an extra demand on the people running this initiative. We want to make sure you are committed to growing  yourself, and to establish this we request you record a video of yourself with your motivation. More details on how to record your video can be found here.

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