Help bring mental relief to those who need it most

A global crisis

Mental health is one of the main challenges faced by humanity today. The global pandemic has put extra pressure on the situation.


Loneliness, suicides and family disputes are on the rise globally. The world needs more people to turn this global mental health crisis around.

Happiness Dojo aims to make mental support accessible to everyone including those in the most challenging. We currently target the Malaysian market with an ambition to build up a global reach.

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What we need right now...

Thanks to the global crisis and the availability of internet nearly everywhere it has become easier to talk to people who truly need it. We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer some of their time to listen, support and be a beacon of light during the tough times. Specifically we are looking for licensed and certified mental health professionals, certified coaches and caring citizens who are willing to listen and/or be a friend.


Join us and help our community become more healthy and happy...

We are looking for people of all background to support this initiative. Some people just need a listening ear, others need psychological support or just someone to guide them on their journey towards the future.


Caring citizen

Certified & licensed mental health professional

Certified (life) coach & other health and well being experts

Mental health organisation

How we work

  1. People find us through apps, our website and aid workers.
  2. We assess each individual’s situation.
  3. And then refer individuals to the right person to support them.

Mental health is something we take serious. Our work is built upon trust and care for the people we serve in our community. We expect everyone who joins us in this journey to start with the same principles.


In a world where you can be anything. Be Kind.