How to create your "why" video

A step-by-step guide to help you create the best video to get your message across.


Why record a video?

We get it, recording a video isn't the most natural things very everyone to do. Especially when you're introverted. So why then do we ask you to record a video?

The answer is called motivation. We offer a pay-as-you-wish coaching service, where you pay an amount from nothing all the way up to what you feel it's worth. The coaches in this program free up their precious time to offer you this service which would cost their clients thousands of dollars. Before they invest their time and effort we want to know you are committed and what's your motivation behind your commitment.


Remember, it is your mission to make our coaches understand the reason why they should invest their time in you. Feel free to be creative and use the below points as a guideline. 


It's important to get your motivation across clearly. What do you see change in your life with a coach on your side? What's the difference in your life or even in the lives of the people around you that's worth investing in? Or what's the situation you are trying to get out of that requires a bit of extra support from a coach?
Also, what's the reason a paid-for coach is currently not within reach for you? What's your financial situation at the moment?

Be creative

Creativity is appreciated (but not required). Some creativity may set you apart from the rest. However your motivation is the first and most important deciding factor.


This is NOT a video competition, so if you shoot this video on your grandfather's iPhone 6 we are okay. As long as we can see your face and hear the audio.


You can upload your video to any free video platform of choice.
Some of the easiest locations are: YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox.
Make sure the video is visible to the public.
In case of YouTube: there is no need to list the video in public, just make the link publicly accessible.