Access to coaching for everyone!

You know how important it can be to have a coach on your side. And yet, many people who could benefit from a coach do not have access to one due to the  often high fees. 


Help us grow potential

Are you keen to help grow human potential and have an impact on the lives of others?

With the Coach4All program we are aim to support, inspire and grow the people around us who deserve a good coach on their side, but do not have the financials in place to pay for (expensive) 1-on-1 coaching.

The benefits

Here are a few reasons why coaches decide to become a coach with the Coach4All program.

Making a meaningful difference to someone’s life can be incredibly rewarding.

Add more coaching hours  to your experience, which can be used for certification.

Coach4all offers a variety of different coaching topics as  individuals from various  backgrounds and nations. It’s a great way to expand your horizon.

The Coach4all program brings together coaches from different countries and background. It’s a great place to network, collaborate and grow together.

Where we can we aim to share experiences, tools, courses etc. that will help the coaching community thrive.


We take the services we offer seriously, which means we have to set some quality standards.


You are committed to offer part of your precious time and energy to coach a client without monetary incentives.


You have a coaching certificate from a recognised coaching body with at least 100 hours of coaching experience.


You can provide 3 names of clients who have benefited from your coaching and who are open to share their experience.


You comfortable coaching your clients virtually.


You are aligned and respect our values.

Coaching community

Join our growing community of coaches around the world.